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Team ARC

ARC has been full of energy and drive to give you great academics and research activity for the year. The activities of ARC were planned out soon after the AIOC 2020, Gurugram. Mailers were sent out to get a collective response from the AIOS members and plan our day long CMEs. The plans were centred to have ARC cataract and glaucoma symposias , subspeciality webinars on Retina Series, Cornea and Refractive Surgery Series, Glaucoma Series, Paediatric and Neuro-OPHTHAL series and Oculoplasty series. Plans were also made to create 5 zonal Pg Updates as a 3 day program besides the research related activities. Corona virus and the Pandemic that ensued brought a sudden halt to our plans to initiate the programs. A temporary makeshift arrangement was advised by the AIOS HQ with 8 webinars granted to the ARC wing for the 3 months, starting from May 2020. We had a series of vibrant webinars with great attendance.  All the videos of each webinar have been uploaded on the ARC website. PG Updates have also got initiated in a graded fashion , the first being the PG Retina Update Series. We are also starting the ‘ Take a Break ‘ mailer as an opening for participation by the entire AIOS members which would start as an initial weekend snippets and pick up tempo based on your responses. The PG thesis Competition first mailer would be announced shortly and submissions would be called forth . ‘Think under the apple Tree ‘would also be calling forth for submissions shortly. Leadership Development Program would be given an impetus once the pandemics comes to a flatter curve.

We would remain in touch with all of you.

Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy

Chairman, ARC
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